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by: Bill Tipple
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The Bellefontaine Rotary Club learned how to “replace chaos with results” at their weekly meeting Monday afternoon.

Bellefontaine native Carla Neer was the featured speaker.

Neer, who was an executive at AcuSport for nearly 19 years, founded Clear Cut Strategies in 2010.

Her speech was centered on identifying chaos in our life, such as:

  • Lack of Time
  • Employee Retention
  • No Growth of Succession Plan
  • Declining or Stagnant Sales
  • Ineffective Leadership
  • Poor Communication
  • Dysfunctional Relationships
  • Isolation and Fatigue

She then showcased a strategy for results called CORE.

This stands for Communication, Organization, Relationships, and Engagement.

This concept has proven to be effective in business and life.

Neer says productivity and performance will increase, which will lead to higher profits.

She has helped companies of all sizes, including NEC Corporation, AcuSport, Wendy’s, Popeye’s, and Cabela’s.

Neer was a featured speaker at the National Shooting Sports Foundation in Las Vegas last month.

Locally, she is using her leadership tools to address the growing opiate problem.

Listen to Neer recap her presentation.

You can see more at

Rotarians meet every Monday at noon at the Friendly Senior Center.

Next week’s scheduled speaker is Bellefontaine Mayor Ben Stahler.

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