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Management Expert Carla Neer “Gets it All Done” as 2017 SHOT Show University Speaker

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By Patrick Shay, NSSF Director, Retail Development

Those new to being a full-time FFL retailer or range owner can quickly be overwhelmed by the myriad daily tasks that need to be completed once their doors open and customers start lining up at the register. We have the answer to that, and her name is Carla Neer.

With a degree in organizational leadership and management and a love of behavioral psychology, Neer has been involved in executive leadership and strategic organizational development for more than 25 years. Her client base spans many market segments, including manufacturers, distributors, software and technology companies, consulting firms, franchisees and independent business owners, including companies such as NEC Corporation, Wendy’s, Popeye’s and Cabela’s.

Neer will be leading the discussion “Management Strategies: How to Get it All Done” as part of the 2017 SHOT Show University New Operator learning track. In this seminar, Neer will talk about how today’s new range or retail store should be armed from the start with a strategy for managing people, processes, purpose, performance, productivity and profits as a way to streamline daily business operations and provide you ways to continually improve and succeed. She’ll demonstrate how operating in “fire-fighting mode” produces stressed, forced decisions, then provide a solution to that daily chaos with an outline of simple steps can streamline your operation. She’ll also tell you how tips and advice from owners who have implemented her Clear Cut Strategies have produced results, and she’ll give you tools you can use right now move forward with less stress and more peace.

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