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Power-CircleWhen you focus on the right things you get the right results.

Through training on leadership, culture, and sales; we’ll align your team’s Communication, Organization, Relationships and Engagement and help you develop a clear cut strategy designed to remove the chaos and connect you to the real Power you’ve been searching for.

We’ll focus on closing the gaps within your people, purpose, and process: providing immediate relief; the right tools to practice with; and ultimately, sustainable power in: productivity, performance and profit.

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How would you describe the team responsible for your organization’s strategy and execution?   Are they empowered leaders driven by serving others, or mere manager’s protecting their positions?

Leadership is demonstrated through thoughts, conversations, and actions.  As an owner, or top executive; you are responsible for setting the standards your people need to emulate; meaning: you are responsible for the quality of how they think, speak, lead and act.  As the saying goes: if you’re not the lead dog, the scenery never changes.

Want to create powerful impact with your questions? Provoke more thoughtful answers? Discover the secret of true servant leadership? Define which questions are relevant to driving higher performance & productivity for a culture of excellence?

With wisdom, experience, and a splash of humor; Carla delivers engaging and relational training that provides owners and top executives with the tools and knowledge to transform managers to empowered leaders and convert associates into power producers; creating unprecedented competitive advantages!

BONUS:  For the ultimate experience in unique team building and leadership  training: a “day on the range” can easily be incorporated into Wisdom Workshops


  • Relational Leadership 101 –  Letting Go to Gain Power
  • Fierce Leadership –  Ladies Only  “A Day at the Range”
  • Servant Leadership – CORE Renewal


We’ve worked with Carla for many years.  Most recently, we invited her to guide and support our executive team in a massive project:  transitioning from several disconnected technologies into a unified E.R.P. system.  She executed the knowledge transfer of existing processes from our controller, who retired, to a new CIO; participated in countless demos with Oracle and Microsoft to support the selection process; and passionately shared her servant leadership techniques with every member of our team along the way.

Carla’s expertise in business, process, and technology; combined with her passion for people to succeed, provides an exceptional experience for the team. Her organizational and facilitation skill accompanied by a hands-on approach with leadership training, provides a refreshing and extremely valuable experience for me as a business owner.  Carla already understands – you can trust her to facilitate the organization of your company with ease!

 Mike Goschinski
President, Owner – Fin Feather Fur Outfitters

Carla was contracted to provide expert insight with some tough executive-level decisions I was facing.  Her proficiency at evaluating capabilities; helping to focus my priorities and confirming my thoughts was top notch.  Her recap strategy was so detailed and thorough; it could be used to compliment even the best executive coaching engagement.    Carla delivered a grade “A” experience.

 Michael James
CEO at Fireproof

I can sum up my experience with Carla with one phrase “I felt educated” The great thing about Carla is that she teaches from experience. In my opinion there’s no better teacher than someone who has lived it. I walked away from her course with knowledge I could use to be a better asset to my company. And an important point is that even though I was trained with a group of people it felt like a personal experience, Thanks!

Travis Heuser
Technician – Tru Performance

I love working with Carla, she completely takes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to think outside the box. She has a very strategic way of presenting servant leadership and continuous improvement. Carla completely understands the mindset of all employees she encounters and is able to lead employees to open up and share.

Carla has a skill that many people say they have but few actually do. Passion for Servant Leadership, This could be the single most important tool for management. Empower employees, support employees, promote vision with employees, trust employees, and most of all serve employees. I firmly believe in servant leadership and Carla can coach this path quickly and smoothly.

I can’t say enough positive comments about Carla and the ownership for allowing us to work with her. I truly believe in Clear Cut Strategies and the principles they promote. I look forward to working with Carla in the future and I can honestly say we will be successful because of the tools she has given us. Thank you Carla

Jeffrey Almy
Project Manager

PROMOTE PASSION in your culture

Like dirty laundry…a chaotic culture has a negative impact each passing day that it’s not dealt with. Do you need to refresh your dirty laundry with the sweet smell of success?

How connected is each department to the overall strategy?

How likely would the associates be to recommend their environment to their friends?

How experienced is the board at proactively pushing toward the future?

How is the level of execution on project plans perceived?

How do organizations deal with a family member or partner who’s creating dysfunction?

We replace the “blame game” with a cleaner and more powerful solution for sifting through the dirt.  Our culture improvement process explores the fundamental causes of lackluster cultures; provides tools to resolve conflict; and creates positive relational engagement – resulting in a healthier environment that looks so crisp and smells so fresh that it will: attract a new level of talent, increase commitment, and return true leaders.



The first minute I met Carla Neer, she had my attention front and center!  This amazing bundle of energy, compassion, determination and love, instantly made me want to improve myself and interpersonal skills.

Typically, relating and getting along with people has always been easy for me, but I really struggled with confrontation.   Case in point; during one of our sessions with CCS an unplanned confrontation occurred before my eyes. I watched Carla skillfully stop the current session and take the session to a completely new unplanned learning experience.

Most importantly, I watched her listen….  That’s what struck a chord with me.  In that situation, I would always be trying to fix the situation or perhaps have all the answers.  I learned the most important aspect a Manager can have is the ability to listen and not have the answers.  Now, for a guy, that’s a tough pill to swallow!

 Scott Schmitt
Technical Training Specialist

If you are truly ready to make some changes, Carla can help. Carla has a very diverse background in several businesses and can help you get what you want. She is able to cut through the chaos we owners deal with every day.  She’ll teach you how to hold people accountable, structure your company to run smoother, and make your life more organized.

Carla helped us with communication with our employees; we now have better accountability, more structure, and have everyone working towards the same goal.

After a day with Carla you will walk away very tired. Carla works with a very high energy level, and will work with you as fast as your team can handle the information. So if you are really ready for growth and improvement I will give you her number, but you need to be 100% committed to succeed.

 Dennis Brown
President, Owner – Brown Dairy Equipment Company, Inc.

PROMOTE POWER in your communication

Does the daily communication that’s charging at you resemble an elephant?

Have you ever been embarrassed by an email your company or an associate generated?   Are your emails effectively getting answers?

Would you describe your last company meeting as engaging and thought provoking…or are you just hoping your team will suddenly “get it”?

Organizations as well as personal relationships derail because people hesitate or refuse to say what they are really thinking.  Many people don’t know why they think the things they do or grasp the impact their thoughts and words have on others, image, or their leadership abilities.

Trust comes from understanding thinking and communication styles; whether for informing, persuading, leading or simply entertaining.  Leveraging the connection between your thoughts, words, and actions – then discovering how they affect behaviors in planning, productivity and performance plugs you into real power!


When I was introduced to Clear Cut Strategies: I was unsure of what I wanted to do moving forward in our company.  On rocky ground with some relationships in both my business and personal life, I felt hopeless. I knew that there were different personality types; however. I honestly didn’t know that there is a technique to communicating with those in different personality “boxes”. CCS hit all of the areas that I needed and then some.

Carla really helped me turn my life around.  She gave me the tools to decide for myself what I really wanted in my life as well as how to move forward in the business.  Sure, you’ll have to look hard and deep and get out of your comfort zone at times; however it was worth every bit of it.

Mary Brown
Vice President – Brown Dairy Equipment Company, Inc.


Does your sales team complain about their “have nots” rather than focusing on achieving powerful results?

Could your team define what customer intimacy means?  How would you determine if they are correct?  How is it measured?  Why should anyone care?

Has your sales process been documented and all of the steps been perfected?

Our inspiring workshops have the power to propel your team from the complaint pit to a powerful selling process!  Incorporating human behavioral tendencies and psychological selling techniques, we’ll enlighten your team with the wisdom to understand which questions must be asked, why a no is as powerful as a yes, and the critical components to sustaining sales success.


  • REAL SALES — Uncovering the Value of Influential Selling 
  • Customer Intimacy Boot Camp


The High Test – Peak Performance™ Boot Camp was a challenging, thought provoking, useful and a powerful exploration of my personal and vocational experiences. With Carla`s guidance I was able to experience how this understanding inspires my professional development.

Kevin Ryan
Sales Manager – Performance Auto Spa

I found the High Test – Peak Performance™ training to be extremely thought provoking… It was a fun interactive experience that helps define where you are currently and also gives you the tools to succeed in the future.”

Jason Schwalm
Field Supervisor – Bo Lacey Construction

If I had to sum up the High Test – Peak Performance™ training class that I attended in a few words I would describe it as thought-provoking, educational, and worthwhile.

Sometimes we take the easy way out and see the worst in a situation and just give up. I now embrace and use the tools I learned in the seminar to diffuse and coach myself through tough situations.

Carla encouraged me to take a step back and analyze situations before acting/speaking impulsively to deal with customers in a friendly, effective, and professional way. This course also gave me a lot of insight as to how/why people or customers may perceive my actions or words and to be more in tune with how I am trying to communicate with people in general.

If you are looking for improvement in the areas of communication and all around human interaction in the business or social world I would highly recommend this course.

Jessica Goggin
Credit Manager – E.J. Thomas