Technology Integration

Are you in need of a technology update, yet stalling because the mere thought of change is overwhelming?

Perhaps you’re ready to make a critical decision; however your team’s varied perspectives has you second guessing.

Suffering due to “paralysis from analysis” in trying to select the right partner with confidence?

As relational experts in implementing a smooth technology transition…we can help!

Whether you are:

  • A franchisee who wants control over your Key Performance Indicators to achieve maximum profitability
  • A firearms or specialty retailer in need of a better Point of Sale / Inventory Tracking / Reporting System
  • A business owner; CXO; or responsible for operations/technology/sales and:
    • In need of project oversight to execute quicker and with less chaos for more profit
    • Thinking about new software or beginning the provider selection stage
    • Ready to flow your sales process into a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
    • Looking to integrate disparate systems into one unified ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
    • Searching for a liaison to smooth the transition with team members who are resistant or avoiding change
    • A software provider searching for a CORE (Communication, Organization, Relationship, Engagement) Coach to decrease the sales cycle; improve end user engagement; lessen consultants frustration; and improve overall profitability.
  • A product owner; B.A.; P. M.; P.M.O; Q.A.; developer; or Agile enthusiast and interested in improving your:
    • Project success
    • Skill set
    • Relationships with owners, associates, team members, and other consultants

We can help!

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We’ve worked with Carla for many years.  Most recently, we invited her to guide and support our executive team in a massive project:  transitioning from several disconnected technologies into a unified E.R.P. system.  She executed the knowledge transfer of existing processes from our controller, who retired, to a new CIO; participated in countless demos with Oracle and Microsoft to support the selection process; and passionately shared her servant leadership techniques with every member of our team along the way.

Carla’s expertise in business, process, and technology; combined with her passion for people to succeed, provides an exceptional experience for the team. Her organizational and facilitation skill accompanied by a hands-on approach with leadership training, provides a refreshing and extremely valuable experience for me as a business owner.  Carla already understands – you can trust her to facilitate the organization of your company with ease!

 Mike Goschinski
President, Owner – Fin Feather Fur Outfitters