Are you an Executive or Business Owner who could use a shot of encouragement or perhaps get refreshed with another point of view?

Do you have a written business plan … or are you flying by the seat of your pants? So, what would happen if there’s a shift in your environment?

If you’ve been successful with a shotgun approach, how much more effective could you be if you were calibrated to hit the bullseye on a prioritized list of targets?

Realizing that it’s nearly impossible to read the label when you’re on the inside of the bottle… Carla can help!

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As a business owner herself, Carla walks in your shoes…so she already understands what it takes to succeed.

A huge advantage; no challenge scares her.  Becoming a top Female Leader in the male dominated Firearms industry didn’t happen by accident and it’s a story worth sharing.  Carla has worked with intense business owners and powerful executives at large corporations for many years.  She’s witnessed frustrated (yet successful) organizations have shiny windows to the outside world, and been trusted to help them uncover and remove the dirty laundry that was either hidden or ignored.  Internal conflict and poor leadership may or may not be visible; however, when a team thinks it exists … it has a negative impact each passing day that it’s not dealt with.

Her clients describe Carla as their trusted advisor who listens to frustrations without judging; stimulates powerful thoughts; AND ultimately creates a clear cut strategy for improvement.  Their  teams refer to Carla as an amazing bundle of energy, compassion, determination and love, that instantly makes them want to improve their leadership and interpersonal skills.   See the testimonials page for more results!

So, if you’re experiencing poor communication, a loss of control, internal conflict OR if you’ve experienced success, but now find your team stuck – Carla can help!   She won’t think less of you because understanding is the first step… She’ll come alongside you to help implement a clear cut strategy by listening, engaging, training, and ultimately replacing chaos with results.

Carla’s passionate about promoting power … take the next step to re-ignite yours!

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Carla was contracted to provide expert insight with some tough executive-level decisions I was facing.  Her proficiency at evaluating capabilities; helping to focus my priorities and confirming my thoughts was top notch.  Her recap strategy was so detailed and thorough; it could be used to compliment even the best executive coaching engagement.    Carla delivered a grade “A” experience.

 Michael James
CEO at Fireproof

When I was introduced to Clear Cut Strategies: I was unsure of what I wanted to do moving forward in our company.  On rocky ground with some relationships in both my business and personal life, I felt hopeless. I knew that there were different personality types; however. I honestly didn’t know that there is a technique to communicating with those in different personality “boxes”. CCS hit all of the areas that I needed and then some.

Carla really helped me turn my life around.  She gave me the tools to decide for myself what I really wanted in my life as well as how to move forward in the business.  Sure, you’ll have to look hard and deep and get out of your comfort zone at times; however it was worth every bit of it.

 Mary Brown
Vice President – Brown Dairy Equipment Company, Inc.

Our growing company needed a professional outsider to reorganize our structure and Carla was an excellent choice.  The organizational problems we are facing were identified by the employees and managers in a confidential survey; once the survey results were reviewed, it was discovered that there were many areas of concern that need significant change.

Carla worked side by side with our President and Vice President making sure our topics were carefully discussed.  Carla holds herself to a very high standard of professionalism and continues to provide us with a roadmap of clarity.  I would highly recommend Carla for any organization with a desire to make positive changes.

Paul Seeley
Brown Dairy Equipment