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Specializing in Shooting Sports; Clear Cut Strategies provides customized event organization focused on unique relationship building for corporations, small business and non-profits, communities, as well as families and individuals.

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Businesses, non-profits, communities, as well as families and individuals each have their own specific set of questions, needs, and desires for growth and development. CCS works directly with each of these groups to develop highly customized events that will challenge and encourage each group in their specific area of need.

Below are the variety of clients we work with, as well as the style in which we typically design the event.


CCS will work directly with your company to develop highly customized and affordable organization of large scale, educational, and unique team building events. These events are popular for client appreciation or employee relationship building!

Small Businesses/Non-Profits

CCS will help you through empowerment and confidence boosting. These events focus on intimate relationship building between team members and creating a fun memorable, experience.


CCS will help through building connection-initiating events, geared towards a potentially diverse audience, focused on group unity and growth. These events are especially beneficial for groups such as neighborhoods or civic groups.

Families & Individuals

While CCS does not primarily focus on families and individuals, we excel at consultations and referrals to meet your individual needs. We seek to be a resource for families seeking an educational and safe experience.

The unexpected surprises are the most fun--individuals you would never think that would enjoy or excel do both!


Our team event was a fantastic experience, and my only regret is that we did not do it sooner. Not only did we learn a lot of practical lessons, but we also grew closer as a team - working with each other and celebrating each other's accomplishments in the process.


Shooting with CCS was a great experience. With very kind, experienced and helpful staff it was more than just a fun event, but also a great educational experience. We were taught techniques for gun safety as well as how to shoot with more accuracy.


Prior to my experience with CCS, I had a little experience with guns but still felt somewhat uncomfortable handling them. As a younger female, it is often difficult to find a good opportunity to educate myself and gain experience with firearms. CCS offered a comfortable learning experience, and I am so grateful for the opportunity and for what I learned. I can't wait to come back!