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Shooting Sports Industry

Management Strategies — How to Get It All Done


For owners and managers
In addition to the political, technical, and regulatory aspects of our industry; operating an independent business can be overwhelming.   Arming yourself with a strategy for managing people, processes, purpose, performance, productivity and profits gives you the power to continually improve and succeed.

If you:
 – operate in fire-fighting mode most days
– are stressed when forced to make quick executive decisions
– would welcome guidance from a trusted advisor who understands your industry
– are interested in replacing daily chaos with measurable results
Then, you won’t want to miss this opportunity! 

During this session, Clear Cut Strategies will help you replace your management chaos with results by providing: an outline of simple steps to streamline your operation, tips and advice from owners who have implemented a “Clear Cut Strategy”, immediate tools to help you move forward with less stress and more peace.”

CEO and Founder of Clear Cut Strategies, Carla has been passionately involved in the Shooting Sports Industry since 1990.   Learn more about Carla.

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